7 Benefits of Custom Standing Desks for the Office & Classroom

7 Benefits Of Using Custom Sit & Stand Desks In Education & Business Industries

Brian Wagner / January 2, 2020

The Rising Popularity of Custom Sit Stand Desks in the Classroom and Workplace

According to a study done by the Society for Human Resource Management in April of 2019, 60% of employers now provide (or subsidize) some kind of standing desk for their employees - a staggering 35% raise since 2014. For employees and students, a growing number of health benefits -- both mental and physical -- can be cited for the rising demand of standing desks, but they’re not the only ones to benefit from this workplace trend; employers and teachers will be pleased to know that a change in positioning can also increase focus and productivity.

Over time, studies have decried the effects of sitting for the majority of an eight-hour workday, leading to an increase in the popularity of standing desks. However, extended periods of standing are far from a perfect solution; this can often lead to swollen feet, ankles, and compressed spines. The custom sit and stand desk options offered by AvinED, from mobile sit & stand workstations to standing teacher desks and beyond, provide users with the best of both worlds.

7 Advantages of Utilizing Custom Sit Stand Desks

AvinED offers fully customizable sit and stand desks, an option that is versatile and healthier for both body and mind. By utilizing one of AvinED’s custom sit and stand desks, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Avoid an Overly Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Work Towards Healthier Hearts
  • Help Reduce BMI & Obesity Rates
  • Reduce Chronic Back & Neck Pain
  • Increase Productivity & Focus
  • Improve Mood & Mental Health
  • Customizable to Fit Your Requirements

These advantages are crucial considerations for the continuing lifestyle of both students and employees nationwide.

Avoid an Overly Sedentary Lifestyle

According to Just Stand, the average American spends 12 hours a day sitting. Nicknamed “sitting disease” by the medical community, this amount of stationary positioning can be extremely damaging to an individual’s mental and physical health, leading to metabolic and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and a shorter life expectancy in general. Many of these long term effects cannot be fully countered by casual diet and exercise; a direct correlation has been confirmed between these health issues and a lack of physical movement over several generations. But you may be surprised to learn the supplementary benefits of using a sit and stand desk begin with simply standing 15 minutes of each hour. 

Work Towards Healthier Hearts

When we sit for hours at a time, some of our body’s most crucial processes, such as maintaining insulin or processing cholesterol, slow down, leading to the parade of health problems described above. Prolonged sitting has been noted to increase the risk of heart attack by up to 147%; in fact, a physically inactive lifestyle is the fourth-leading cause of death across the globe. Fortunately, experts recognized quickly that standing had the potential to lower heart disease, a claim that is now widely accepted across the medical community.

Help Reduce BMI & Obesity Rates

According to a CareerBuilder survey, 44% of U.S. workers feel they have gained weight since starting their current job, and of those folks, 53% feel it is directly correlated to how much sitting they do throughout the workday. While regular diet and exercise are an integral part of staying shape, many underestimate the effects of low-impact movements. These are small movements we make without the explicit purpose of exercising, such as standing or walking. 

Moderate, low-impact movements are just as imperative to avoiding obesity and metabolic disease as your weekly gym trips because again, even an hour of exercise a day isn’t enough to undo the damage of 12 hours of sitting. According to BBC, alternating from a sitting to standing position can lead to burning 50 calories an hour, meaning that standing for three hours a day can lead to burning 750 calories throughout the workweek. 

Reduce Chronic Back & Neck Pain

Chronic back and neck pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers to this day. A study done by HealthPartners’ “Take A Stand Project” in 2011 revealed that standing at your desk for just a little over an hour each day can reduce chronic neck and back pain by 50% over the span of just four weeks. Meanwhile, removal of the same sit and stand desks resulted in participants experiencing the reversal of these benefits within two weeks.

Increase Productivity & Focus

Did you know that blood flow throughout the body begins to be negatively impacted within just 10 minutes of sitting? By alternating positions and standing at your desk, you can easily stimulate blood flow, improving circulation, reducing the risk of blood clots, and allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach your brain. It even aids in the creation of new brain cells, lending to its relationship with increased mental alertness and productivity. The body simply functions more properly when it’s in better shape.

Improve Mood & Mental Health

Extended periods of sitting and an overly sedentary lifestyle have been linked to both increased anxiety and depression. Remember The Take A Stand Project from 2011? That study provided us with an array of information and statistics, including:

  • 87% of participants felt more comfortable after four weeks of utilizing a standing desk
  • 75% felt healthier
  • 71% felt more focused
  • 66% felt more productive
  • 62% felt happier

The aforementioned increase of blood flow to the brain also allows more mood-enhancing chemicals to reach the brain. According to Just Stand, 87% of users felt an improvement in alertness and energy levels when utilizing some form of standing desk. In fact, most participants reported an overall improvement of mood within two months. Integrating movement into the daily routines of students and employees is known to promote both motivation and enthusiasm.

Customizable to Fit Your Specifications

Of all of the reasons to switch to a sit and stand desk, this is one of the biggest; some sit and stand desks, like those offered by AvinED, are fully customizable. Gone is the long search to find the desk that just happens to meet your exact specifications; now, through our website, you can customize several aspects of our height adjustable sit and stand desks before ordering, ensuring your requirements are met the first time around. 

AvinED is a Leading Manufacturer of Technical Furniture & Custom Sit Stand Desks

While sit and stand converters do exist to adapt standard desks, users may experience a variety of issues when utilizing them, including inadequate workspace and exposed cables. Oftentimes, sit and stand converters can be too high to manage from a sitting position. Manufactured with our expertise in ADA compliant technical furniture and custom educational furniture (including multimedia podiums), AvinED’s line of height adjustable sit and stand desks have been optimized to solve these problems, providing functionality at your most comfortable height and allowing for a premium workspace. Our custom sit and stand desks come in a variety of sizes; our full product line includes:

The AvinED Advantage lies within our customer service capabilities; when we manufacture your custom educational and technical furniture, we guarantee the same high level of quality and service for each and every one of our customers, regardless of size. Explore our complete line of height-adjustable sit & stand desks and find the right unit for your workspace today.

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