The Next Generation of Sit and Stand Desks!

The concept of a site stand desk offered many benefits to users and business owners. By allowing a user to adjust the height of their desk, they may sit or stand to do their work more comfortably. The popularity of these adjustable furniture has gained in popularity and studies have shown that it improves productivity and worker satisfaction.  

The problem is that most of the sit-stand desk solutions don’t enhance the look of the office. Many units don’t provide a large enough work surface, and computer cables and wires are exposed. They work great but tend to look cluttered and stand out like a sore thumb.

AvinED has solved this problem with the next generation in sit and stand desks by creating a line of desks that combine functionality with a loo that fits your office décor. Our sit and stand desk feature a unique height adjustable surface that is flat, providing more desktop space to the user and can be lowered to create a traditional office desk. The unit can be customized to match or enhance your office and comes in a variety of sizes and options. AvinED’s Sit and Stand Desks are also great for presenters and teachers because the unit matches up with our multimedia lecterns. Now you can have a complete all-in-one solution and the advantage of sitting or standing during a lesson.

Sit and Stand Desk Models

Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation
Model# DSSW3624
AvinED Sit-Stand Desk
Model# ASSD



Sit-Stand Workstation

Sit and Stand Desk

Height Adjustable Desk
Model# HAD
Height Adjustable Desk


What Our Customer's Are Saying...


"We are very happy with the lecterns and busily putting them into classrooms on our campus. Thank you so much for all your work toward the speedy delivery and the beautiful lecterns."

Brenda White
Assistant Director
Instructional Services
Washburn University Topeka, KS

We offer the sit and stand unit alone or as a customized desk. We also offer an electric height adjustable desk that can be paired with our podiums to provide a complete teaching solution.

Best of all AvinED can build a custom unit including wood veneers an stains as well as sizes to meet your needs and an options list to handle any of your technology requirements built with the highest quality standards like on every product we design and manufacture.

Experience The AvinED Advantage.

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