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AV Furniture That Makes Integration Easy

Brian Wagner / November 1, 2021

Technology is an integral part of not only businesses, but also classrooms. One of the challenges many organizations and universities face is how to effectively house AV equipment and find secure solutions that are also stylish and don’t take up too much space in each office, meeting room, or classroom.

Additionally, many offices and universities need a way to not only house their equipment, but also transport it between multiple locations without worrying about damaging the equipment. And while traditional metal rack cabinets may be acceptable for closets, an AV equipment rack or credenza that provides secure storage needs is a necessity for the classroom or office.

To help solve these challenges, AvinED designs durable and efficient technical furniture such as rolling equipment racks, credenzas, and mobile multimedia carts that make AV integration easier than ever for businesses and colleges.

About AV Equipment Rack Systems

AV furniture and equipment racks are an essential infrastructure component for technology integration in the classroom or office. These AV racks allow for not only easy storage of equipment, but also access to individual components, provide cable management, and allow for passive or active cooling solutions necessary for AV equipment that is consistently running for long periods of time. Each of our units is built to high-quality furniture standards, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality, all while making the most of the useable space.

We help take care of your sensitive equipment with customizable AV equipment racks and credenzas. We meet our customer’s specific requirements. Our rolling equipment racks can be ordered with either interior rack rails or adjustable shelves so your equipment will fit perfectly inside every time. Technical furniture from AvinED is also ADA compliant by design which for many applications is just what customers need for their office or classroom.

What to Look For in a Mobile Multimedia Cart

Your equipment is the lifeblood of your business or university. That’s why it is just as important to have the right solution to store your equipment as it is to be able to transport it from one place to another without risking any damage to this essential part of your operation.

Mobile media furniture and multimedia carts on wheels expertly crafted by the experienced designers and manufacturers at AvinED feature a highly functional design that makes for easy sharing of resources between multiple collaborative classrooms or workspaces.

Our multimedia carts are extremely versatile and like our whole suite of customizable furniture offerings. Whether you need a cart for a monitor, tv screen, mobile point-of-sale stations, mobile technology teacher podiums, courtroom technology, or mobile copier stations, a design can be specially designed for whatever application you need.

These multimedia carts on wheels can also double as both a cart and a podium, which is perfect for those looking to integrate their AV technology into their classroom or courtroom setting without having to sacrifice useable space for a teacher or professor, all while still offering a solution that allows for safe storage of equipment behind lock and key.

Multimedia & AV Equipment Furniture

Help solve the challenge that limited space has left for you when facing the struggle of storing and moving expensive AV equipment in your office, courtroom, or school. With so many solutions, there is sure to be something to fit you and your needs.

Our Rack Cabinet is the perfect solution for high-tech classrooms, meeting and conference rooms that have a need to store AV equipment and technology but lack the space and don’t want a large metal rack in plain sight. Additionally, mobile media carts utilize smooth-rolling wheels or casters to transport this equipment between locations safely and efficiently without the worry of how you will get your equipment where it needs to go for all its applications.

Furniture solutions from AvinED are specifically created with your needs in mind to meet your needs. Our design team will work with you and your organization to ensure your technical equipment is designed to meet and exceed your AV equipment storage needs. Check out our multimedia and AV equipment furniture and contact us today to learn how we can help create a design to suit your needs.

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