Best Teacher Carts & Teacher Podiums for the Classroom

Best Teacher Carts & Teacher Podiums | Classroom Desk Alternatives

Brian Wagner / August 27, 2021

AvinED is a custom manufacturer of technical furniture, including teacher carts and instructor podiums, desks, podium desks, and more. We design and manufacture technical furniture in the U.S. for a variety of industries, including offices, classrooms, and government spaces. At AvinED, we know that each industry faces its own hurdles in terms of presenters delivering high-quality content to their audience, and the right technical furniture can boost your efficiency with a defined sense of purpose. We have the flexibility to work with each of our customers individually, providing precise solutions that will enhance their ability to succeed in their chosen profession. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the numerous customizable technical furniture types we design and manufacture for customers like yourself on a daily basis.


Customizable Teacher Podiums & Lecterns

A traditional podium, often also referred to as a pulpit or lectern, is one of the most common accessories for public speaking of any kind, including business presentations, conference keynote speeches, sermons, readings, meetings, and class lectures. AvinED offers many different styles of podiums and lecterns, particularly customizable teacher podiums and lecterns, along with custom finishes and modules for use in a wide variety of situations and locations. Many contemporary styles are also available with built-in tablet or iPad holders and integrated AV equipment, such as microphones, inputs, and speakers. A well-designed and expertly crafted podium has proven to be one of the audiovisual presentation tools that best offer teachers the ability to enjoy a more authoritative platform to talk and interact with the students from.


Multimedia Teacher Desks

With a teacher desk that doubles as an AV equipment rack and CPU tower computer space, there is no need for additional technical furniture in the classroom. AvinED’s multimedia teacher desks are specifically designed to accommodate all AV technology equipment needs so that educators are able to do exactly what they need to in the classroom. A multimedia desk not only saves you classroom space (which is already limited), but also conveniently holds any technology you may need in one space. AvinED’s multimedia teacher desks can be designed for collaborative learning environments and are automatically designed to meet ADA compliance, allowing you to focus on what you do best.


ADA Compliant Podium Desks

AvinED Instructor Presentation Podium Desk Combinations are ADA compliant and designed specifically to meet the demands and requirements of all smart classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls. With the right combination, these units can even offer collaborative opportunities for a one-on-one teaching and learning experience. These podium desks are customized for individual customers and designed to ensure they can accommodate any and all AV technology needs. With adjustable height desk tops, podium desks give users the ability to sit or stand while addressing an audience, complete with ADA compliance.


Mobile Multimedia Carts

Mobile multimedia carts eliminate the struggle of moving valuable equipment from place to place and greatly reduces the risk of damage to your investments during the process. AvinED’s mobile multimedia furniture and multimedia carts feature a highly functional design that makes for easy sharing of resources between multiple collaborative classrooms or office spaces. Multimedia carts are very versatile and customizable to meet your individual needs, whether for TV monitor carts, mobile point-of-sale (POS) stations, mobile technology teacher podiums, mobile copier stations, or something else. AvinED also produces multimedia carts that double as podiums, perfect for those wanting to implement technology in the classroom while providing your AV components and computers the safety and locking security you require.

Mobile multimedia carts are perfect for “floating” teachers that find themselves on the move, divvying up their time between classrooms. For those having to transport expensive learning equipment such as laptops, tablets, iPads, chargers, and other AV equipment, multimedia carts are the solution for you. To learn more about the benefits of utilizing mobile multimedia carts in your classroom or space, read about the best uses for here.


AV Equipment Rack Systems

Do you have vulnerable AV rack equipment that needs to be stored securely but for a meeting or training in the classroom? To solve the challenge that limited space often creates, AvinED designs and manufactures stylish, durable, and functional technical furniture in the form of rolling equipment racks and credenzas for today’s businesses, colleges, and universities. Traditional metal rack cabinets may be acceptable for the closet, but in the exposed meeting or classroom, an AV equipment rack or credenza is best for your secure storage needs. AvinED’s rolling equipment racks can be ordered with interior rack rails or adjustable shelves.


Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks

By having the option to adjust the height of your desk, you are capable of sitting or standing to proceed with your work more comfortably. The popularity of height adjustable sit stand desks has continued to increase over time, and studies have shown that they have the capability of improving both productivity and worker satisfaction. Most sit-stand desk converters are too high to work within the seated position when placed on top of a standard desk; furthermore, many units don’t provide a large enough work surface, leaving masses of computer cables and wires exposed. AvinED’s sit-stand desks feature a unique height-adjustable surface that is flat, offering more desktop space to the user, and can be lowered to create a traditional office desk. Units can be customized to come in a variety of sizes, offering an all-in-one solution and the advantage of sitting or standing during a lesson.

Specifically, sit stand desks have been cited for their health benefits, including reduced BMI, obesity rates, and chronic pain in the neck and back. However, many also report improved productivity, clarity, focus, and mood, making height adjustable sit stand desks a healthy alternative for both the body and mind. Learn more about the many benefits of using sit stand desks here.


Teacher Carts, Custom Podiums, & More for the Classroom & Beyond

Technical furniture can help revolutionize the way speakers and instructors deliver their content or lessons while keeping their audience engaged. Fortunately, the knowledgeable staff at AvinED have industry-wide experience designing and manufacturing custom pieces of technical furniture specifically for your needs and environment. Our technical furnishings come with standard features such as locking doors, heavy-duty hardware, adjustable shelves, CPU tower space, and cable cubbies with other equipment cutouts. We offer a wide range of options and finishes to create customized lecterns, podiums, desks, and more for the classroom or office. Contact us today to discuss how we can optimize your learning space.

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