Choosing a Semi-Custom Multimedia Podium for Your Application

Choosing a Semi-Custom Multimedia Podium for Your Application

Brian Wagner / January 25, 2022
presenter using a semi custom multimedia podium in a lecture hall

It can be difficult to deliver content to an audience. Educators, instructors, and trainers in a wide variety of fields each face their struggles when it comes to holding attention spans and nailing that presentation. What many may not know is that the right piece of technical furniture can help them accomplish this with flying colors; in fact, a proper podium or podium desk can even increase productivity.

AvinED is a U.S.-based custom manufacturer of teacher and instructor podiums, desks, podium desks, and more. In addition to the features we can build into your semi-custom podium, what AvinED really brings to the table is the ability to work with each customer as an individual. By understanding the issues you face and your wants in a podium, we can create a precise solution built to your specifications that will help you succeed regardless of your environment.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a custom podium. AvinED can help you navigate these factors to find the best custom podium for your application. For more information about AvinED’s custom multimedia podiums and podium desks, contact us today.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Semi-Custom Podium

Matching the Podium to Your Environment

Wood finishes are one of the most common and versatile finishes as they tend to match most rooms and are considered a standard for conference halls and auditoriums. AVinED uses plastic and thermally fused melamine laminate to create a variety of wood finishes, in addition to more contemporary colors, such as grays and blacks. With such a diverse selection, it is a guarantee that we can create a podium that looks great and delivers regardless of your location.

Choosing a Podium Size

AvinED offers a wide variety of podium sizes designed to meet a similarly wide variety of needs. Those searching for multimedia podiums will want to select a wider option to accommodate laptops, audio sources, presentation materials, or other AV equipment. We manufacture speaker podiums ranging in size from 25” to 48” wide.

Features To Look For in Multimedia Podiums

Multimedia podiums, sometimes referred to as smart lecterns, are designed for educators to excel in the classroom. In addition to allowing teachers and professors to lecture freely throughout the classroom, a good multimedia podium allows presentations to be supplemented with videos, sound clips, and more. AvinED’s multimedia podiums feature built-in tablet or iPad holders and are designed for easy integration of AV equipment, such as microphones, inputs, and speakers.

Applications of Semi-Custom Multimedia Podiums

We have mentioned that a good piece of technical furniture, such as a podium or lectern, can improve the performance of a presenter, but how exactly does it do so? To start, speaker podiums and lecterns help speakers stay organized and reach audiences effectively. These products are the most common accessory for any kind of public speaking, and that is not an accident. Their applications run the gamut from business presentations and keynote speeches to sermons, hostess stands, and beyond. Whether we realize it or not, podiums are put to use around us in numerous ways every day.

AvinED’s fully assembled multimedia podiums are equipped with locking cabinet doors to provide secure storage space, as well as easy access, to all stored audio-visual equipment. They also feature shelves large enough to hold a document camera projector or laptop when necessary. These podiums in particular are perfect for presentations in auditoriums, lecture halls, company training rooms, classrooms, and hotels.

Semi-Custom Speaker Podiums Made in the U.S.A.

For over 37 years, AvinED has excelled in producing superior quality, long-lasting podiums, lecterns, and podium desks. These advanced pieces of technical furniture are ADA compliant and designed to meet the demands of smart classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls across the globe. Regardless of your application or environment, we have the tools and expertise necessary to create a perfectly sized and finished podium with the exact features you require to ensure you succeed when delivering presentations. Contact AvinED to learn more about our offerings or to get started on your custom speaker podium today!

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