Comparing ADA Podium Desks, Instructor AV Desks, & Sit Stand Desks

Comparing ADA Compliant Podium Desks, Instructor Desks, & Custom Sit Stand Desks for the Classroom & Office

Brian Wagner / September 17, 2021

As the need for teaching styles changes, so too does the need for the right furniture to help educators get the job done. Whether you need technical furniture, lecterns, podiums, multimedia carts, or custom sit-stand desks, AvinED has exactly what you need.

While each of the ADA desks can be used in a wide variety of environments, they are designed by our expert team with specific benefits in mind to serve each application. Regardless of your classroom or office environment, AvinED’s expert team can help you choose the perfect customizable desk for you.

Applications of Teacher Instructor AV Desks

Education has become a highly technical field with many pieces of technology being essential to learning and teaching. AvinED’s teacher and instructor AV desks are the solution many educators are looking for to do exactly what they need in the classroom effectively and efficiently.

More than just a space for teachers and educators to work from, our instructor desks double as an AV equipment rack or CPU tower and computer space, which saves the need for two separate pieces of furniture. This is ideal not only for small classrooms, but also to help create an open learning environment. AvinED’s AV desks are specifically designed for our client’s needs, fitting whatever teaching style adopted by your school or university, including collaborative spaces.

Furthermore, these units can be created to include options for sit-stand desk capabilities with fixed height or automatic and manual height adjustability. They are also manufactured and designed to meet the standards and requirements for ADA compliance.

Applications of Podium Desks

Meeting the demands of the modern classroom can be a challenge, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Each of our podium and desk combinations are designed to meet and even exceed the requirements of all smart classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls by bringing together stylish furniture and state-of-the-art technology into one, easy-to-use solution.

At AvinED, we offer standard ADA compliant, fixed height desks as well as some units that can even be custom ordered with adjustable height desktops that allow for both standing and sitting at the podium. This combination can even be a great space in a classroom or lecture hall for team collaboration or individualized, one-on-one instruction, going above and beyond what a traditional pulpit or lectern can do for your classroom environment.

Throughout the whole process, from a concept to a finished product, our AvinED design team will work with you to ensure your podium desk is specifically created to fully accommodate you and all your AV and technology needs. Best of all, you can customize your unit in a variety of finishes and styles with some podium desks even having the ability to include smooth-rolling castors for increased mobility and flexibility in your learning space.

Benefits of Custom Sit-Stand Desks

When placed on top of standard desks, most sit-stand desk converters are too high for users to work within the seated position and are overall uncomfortable.

Additionally, many of these desk units don’t provide a large enough work surface, leaving computer cables and wires exposed. We’ve helped solve that problem with a custom sit-stand desk that offers many benefits to both users and business owners.

Not only do our custom desk solutions give you more space than other options on the market, but they also allow users to adjust and customize the height of their desk and allow for options to either sit or stand comfortably to accomplish daily tasks with ease. Our line of desks goes above and beyond functionally, they also can be customized in many stylish sizes and options, each of which is made to fit the look and feel of your office or classroom. These adjustable desks have gained in popularity and studies have shown that it improves productivity and worker satisfaction.

A Technical Furniture Manufacturer of ADA Desks & AV Desks

Each office, business, and classroom are different. While all three of these ADA desk types can be used in a variety of environments, something like a podium desk may be better suited for smart classrooms and auditoriums while custom sit-stand desks are primarily used in the office.

When choosing a solution, be sure to keep in mind that each desk type offers its own benefits, such as storing AV equipment in a classroom or lecture hall, or even help improve overall productivity and satisfaction from your office staff. AvinED has the flexibility to work directly with you and create a made in America ADA desk solution for your individual application and working or learning environment.

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