Custom Multimedia Lecterns & AV Podiums for Smart Classrooms

Custom Multimedia Lecterns & AV Podiums For Smart Classrooms

Brian Wagner / November 14, 2019

As technology continues to improve and become streamlined for public use, it should be no surprise that new devices and programs are becoming commonplace in the classroom. In fact, as recently as 2017, 63% of K-12 teachers were reported to utilize technology in their classrooms on a daily basis (an increase of 8% from 2016). As our classrooms evolve to hold laptops, tablets, and other learning technologies, it can become increasingly difficult to select technical furnishings that keep your classroom compliant. AvinED’s goal is to provide custom technical furnishings and multimedia podiums to improve your classroom or school.

How Educators are Preparing Smart Classrooms For Success

There are numerous benefits to turning your classroom into a smart classroom, from cutting back on costly resources to engaging your students on a deeper level and preparing them for future educational opportunities. Many teachers start by searching for classroom management software based on its capabilities. While some of this software comes from name brands like Google and Apple, there are also a variety of alternative classroom management programs–like Classdojo, Veyon, and Classcraft–that may fit your classroom better.

One of the most popular software being utilized in the smart classroom alongside multimedia podiums is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a free resource for teachers and students that eliminates a number of common issues within the classroom. Right off the bat, Google Classroom exposes students to online schooling, which often plays a larger role in post-secondary education. As long as your students have access to the internet, Google Classroom will save their work automatically. Apple’s Classroom app utilizes similar software for students to be able to share work progress while providing teachers with control over their classroom’s devices. With the Classroom app, teachers are capable of creating classrooms and connect a student’s device with the classroom’s Apple TV.

Using classroom management software like Google Classroom and Apple Classroom can increase your students’ abilities to discuss a topic or project. However, finding the proper technical furnishings to house this technology can make it difficult to remain ADA compliant. AvinED provides custom multimedia furnishings that can assist your classroom in utilizing this technology.

Applications of Multimedia Lecterns & Podiums for Presenters

In addition to classroom management software, truly transitioning into a smart classroom can require a good amount of hardware to match. Finding the proper technical furnishing to conveniently and functionally house your laptops, tablets, and other AV equipment can prove difficult, to say the least. AvinED offers a variety of ADA compliant solutions that act as both presenter’s podiums, and as storage opportunities that can even allow for technology to be easily shared between classrooms.

If your company or organization is ready to transition, AvinED is ready to help. It is our goal to present you with the best AV podium for your application–with complete customization.

AvinED Manufactures Custom Multimedia Lecterns for Schools

AvinED provides custom multimedia lecterns and podiums for teachers who are ready to transition into, or improve, their smart classroom. We offer a variety of AV podiums, multimedia lecterns, and podium desk combinations sized for your equipment storage needs and capable of meeting ADA compliance requirements. Our full inventory of multimedia furnishings includes:

  • 32” Classroom Podium & 37” Instructor Teacher’s Podium
  • 25”, 36” & 48” Presenter’s Podium
  • Collaborative Homebase Mini Podium
  • 26” Custom Speaker Lectern/Podium
  • Custom ADA Compliant Height Adjustable Podium Desk

32” Classroom Podium & 37” Instructor Teacher’s Podium

Our most popular AV podium—the 32” Classroom Podium—sets the standard for our selection. This multimedia podium is 46.5” inches high at work surface and 28” deep with 270 wrap hinges. Our 37” Instructor Teacher’s Podium is ADA compliant, meeting the same height and depth as the 48” Presenter’s Podium. Equipment cutouts for each of our multimedia podiums are available upon request.

26” Custom Speaker Lectern/Podium

Our 26” Custom Speaker Lectern/Podium is small and contains built-in storage space for AV equipment. While the term “lectern” may seem to imply use within the church (like the kind of churches that use church nursery pagers), the CSLE26 is designed for any small venue that requires AV technology, including meeting rooms, board rooms, and smart classrooms.

25”, 36” & 48” Presenter’s Podium

AvindED’s 25” Presenter’s Podium is 46.5” high, 24” deep, and is also primed for space-sensitive classrooms where AV technology is required. We also offer an ADA compliant 36” Presenter’s Podium that is designed to be placed in the center of the room, and that features a large work area for holding laptops, tablets, and other teaching tools. As is the case with all of our podiums, lecterns, and desks, the 36” Presenter’s Podium is built for durability and comes with a variety of add-on options and finishes. In order to meet large specifications, we manufacture larger multimedia podiums and technical furnishings for more sizeable smart classrooms, such as our 48” Presenter’s Podium (46.5” high and 28” deep).

Collaborative Homebase Mini Podium

AvinED’s Collaborative HomeBase Mini Podium is an alternative with an extra deep pull-out capable of accommodating most laptops and tablets without hanging over the edge of the tray. This AV podium is about 23.5” wide, 42.5” high (with wheels and levers), and 24” deep (with cabinet). It is mobile, tech-safe, and arrives with the option of including 20” wide flip-up side shelves.

Custom ADA Compliant Height Adjustable Podium Desk

AvinED’s Height Adjustable Podium Desk is our most versatile piece of technical furnishing for presenters and teachers. This ADA compliant model can comfortably store your AV equipment while remaining customizable to meet any specifications or requirements you may have.

Customize Your Classroom With Multimedia Carts & AV Equipment Rack Systems

In addition to multimedia lecterns and podiums, smart classrooms will need a number of technical furnishings to add for optimal success. AvinED offers customizable multimedia carts that are expertly crafted to make AV media equipment easily shareable between multiple classrooms. Out multimedia carts are versatile, highly functional, and designed for use as TV monitor carts, mobile point-of-sale stations, mobile technology teacher podiums, and mobile copier stations. Multimedia carts are another great way to implement technology in the classroom, and they provide your AV equipment with the safety and locking security you require. For additional secure storage purposes, AvinEd offers mobile AV equipment rack systems. These systems are designed to remain easily accessible in a meeting or classroom environment.

Over the years, AvinED has specialized in technical furnishings that can improve the quality of smart classrooms while keeping it ADA compliant. Our customized multimedia podiums, lecterns, and carts fit in more environments than just the classroom. Their applications expand to businesses, restaurants, churches, libraries, and more. AvinED’s AV podiums are built to assist with your presentations, keynote speeches, sermons, readings, meetings, and lectures.

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