AV Equipment Rack and Cabinet Systems

Do you have Sensitive Av Rack Equipment that Needs to be Stored Securely but Exposed in a Meeting or Training Classroom?

Our customers often face the challenge of having a very limited amount of space for their equipment. To help solve this problem, we have relied on our years of experience to design stylish, durable, and functional furniture, including our rolling equipment racks and credenzas. These are crafted specifically for modern businesses, colleges, and universities, who often have equipment to store, but never enough space to store it.

As a local manufacturer, we have the unique ability to customize our AV equipment racks and credenzas to meet all our customer’s needs. Our capabilities are vast, and we are not limited in the ways we can customize our furniture for you. Our customizable rolling equipment racks can be ordered with many different options, including interior rack rails or adjustable shelves in any of our available finishes. Additionally, wheels can be added for easy mobility, allowing you to transfer your equipment to another location on the fly. This also allows you to conveniently put your equipment in and out of storage as needed.

Our AV equipment racks allow not only for easy storage, but also access to individual components. They also help with cable management and allow for passive or active cooling solutions necessary for AV equipment that is running for long periods of time and has a tendency to heat up.

Traditional metal rack cabinets, while still perfectly functional, do not usually look very nice sitting out in a public space. They may be acceptable to keep in a storage closet, but do not fit the aesthetic of an office space or classroom. AvinED’s AV equipment rack or credenza is sleek and stylish and fits seamlessly into your space. These units can be ordered in any wood or laminate finish or finished to match your room. Each unit is built to furniture quality standards for you when appearance is just as important as function.

AV Equipment Rack and Cabinet Systems

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AV Equipment Racks for Classrooms 

Our AV equipment racks are ideal for teachers who need flexibility in their classroom setups. We know that teaching can mean many things in today’s world, whether it’s an open classroom discussion, a more traditional lecture, or presenting video and audio materials to the entire class. We understand that you’ll need an AV setup that’s highly functional and flexible, allowing you to easily roll your AV equipment into the classroom when needed, and roll it right back out when you don’t. Our AV equipment racks are the perfect solution for your classroom needs. 

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AvinED is a manufacturer of customizable furniture based locally in the United States. All of our products are manufactured locally at our factory in Pittsburgh, PA, and are used in a wide variety of industries. We work directly with many institutions across the country, including colleges and universities, schools, and government and military facilities. We provide each of these industries with high quality, custom-made furniture, including an assortment of custom AV equipment racks and cabinets. Browse our full catalog of AV equipment racks and cabinets, and get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help customize the right furniture for your specific needs.

The AvinED® Advantage

The AvinED Advantage goes far beyond our ability to manufacture functional, easy-to-use, customized, and where necessary, ADA compliant products. No matter how big or small your needs are, you are important to us. At AvinED, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve.