Customizable Lecterns & Podiums

Customized Lecterns and Podiums Supporting Today’s Professionals, Instructors, and Trainers - Enhancing the Delivery of First-Rate Content!

Are you looking for a commercial quality podium? AvinED produces high quality, long-lasting, and extremely functional podiums and lecterns, perfect for a wide variety of public speaking settings. Podiums help keep you organized, with lots of space for any speaking notes or papers. Together with your integrated AV equipment, our podiums offer an optimal setup to make any public speaking opportunity go as smoothly as possible.

We offer many different styles of podiums and lecterns along with custom laminate finishes and modules for use in a wide variety of situations and locations, such as a classroom, stage, place of worship, or any other public forum. All of our podiums and lecterns feature heavy duty construction and have customizable options and laminate color finishes to best suit your needs.

Customizable Lecterns & Podiums

More Information on Customizable Lecterns & Podiums

A traditional podium, sometimes called a pulpit or lectern, is the most common accessory for public speaking of any kind, including business presentations, conference keynote speeches, sermons, readings, meetings, and class lectures. Many contemporary styles are also available with built-in tablet or iPad holders and designed for integrated AV equipment, such as microphones, inputs, and speakers. Some of our lecterns and podiums are also ADA compliant and built right here in the USA.

Finish options, materials and accessories can all be selected to create custom wholesale podiums to match the needs of any business, restaurant, school, church, library or organization. Please contact us today to learn more about our wide array of offerings so we can start making your custom podium or lectern today!

Classroom Podiums

AvinED offers multimedia podiums that are designed for classroom use. These podiums can accommodate a variety of AV equipment, whether you need a computer or tablet for your notes, or a projector and speakers for quick and convenient presentations. They are also mobile, so you can easily move them around your classroom or lecture hall as needed, while still holding all of your technology safely.

Presenter Podiums

Our presenter podiums are designed to be more compact for smaller classroom settings. Despite their compact size, these podiums still have ample space for AV equipment, as well as the surface space needed to hold all of your notes, your laptop, and more.

Lectern vs. Podium: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard many words to describe very similar pieces of furniture: podium, lectern, pulpit, rostrum, and possibly others. If you’re looking to buy something, this can just add confusion to the purchase process. So what’s the difference between a lectern and a podium?

Technically speaking, a podium is a raised stand or platform that a speaker stands on. A lectern, on the other hand, is a stand or desk with a slanted top designed to hold papers, books, or other materials. To put it simply, you would step onto a podium, and stand behind a lectern when speaking.

Today, however, these words are used interchangeably to mean any piece of furniture used for the same general purposes of public speaking and presenting. This is why we use these terms interchangeably when discussing some of our products.

Contact Us for Customized Podiums

AvinED is a US-based manufacturer of customizable furniture that builds all of its products locally in Pittsburgh, PA. We work directly with universities, schools, government and military facilities, AV and Furniture Dealers to provide heavy duty, high quality, custom-made furniture, including an assortment of lecterns and podiums. Browse our collection of lecterns and podiums below, or get in touch with us to learn how we can help build a custom podium specific to your needs. AvinED furniture is built to last, rest assured it will give you many years of service, in most cases it will outlast the technology.

The AvinED® Advantage

The AvinED Advantage goes far beyond our ability to manufacture functional, easy-to-use, customized, and where necessary, ADA compliant products. No matter how big or small your needs are, you are important to us. At AvinED, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve.