Customized Teacher & Instructor Desks

Teacher Desks with function in Mind

Our multimedia teacher desks are specifically designed to accommodate ALL of your AV technology equipment needs so that you are able to do exactly what you need to in the classroom. With a desk that doubles as an AV equipment rack and space for your CPU tower and computer, there is no need for any additional teacher furniture in the classroom. Furthermore, these units can include sit/stand fixed height or automatic and manual height adjustability, making them perfect for any teacher who requires some versatility and comfort in the classroom.

These teacher desks can also be designed for collaborative learning environments and for many different instructing styles to fit any need you have. All of our desk units are ADA compliant, so you need not worry about your technical furniture needs and can concentrate entirely on what you do best.

Customized Teacher & Instructor Desks

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Multimedia Desks

AvinED offers a wide collection of multimedia desks. Our multimedia teacher desks are ADA compliant, stylish, and durable, and can securely hold all of your AV equipment. This gives you the flexibility and options to set up your desk with a variety of technological equipment, including your laptop or desktop computer, audio equipment, and projectors for presentations. The large surfaces means you’ll still have a sizeable workspace with plenty of room for books, papers and other materials. Additionally, the option to include wheels on your multimedia desk gives you the freedom to easily move around your classroom as needed.

Sit/Stand Desks

Sit/stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as studies continue to show the health benefits they provide. Sit/stand desks help to decrease various back and neck pains, and lead to overall improvement in health and productivity. AvinED offers ADA compliant, customizable, and height adjustable desks, which allow you to easily alternate between sitting and standing. This is a great option for a teacher who spends a lot of time behind their desk, giving them flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing, and even using it as a podium during lectures.

Custom Desks

AvinED also offers the option to custom design your own multimedia desk. View the options below and get in touch with us to learn more about how we can design the multimedia desk for your specific requirements.

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AvinED is a manufacturer of customizable furniture based in Pittsburgh, PA. All of our products are built locally in the United States. We work directly with universities, schools, and government and military facilities to provide heavy duty, high quality, custom-made furniture, including an assortment of customizable teacher desks. Browse our collection of teacher and instructor desks below, or get in touch with us to learn how we can help build a custom podium specific to your needs.

The AvinED® Advantage

The AvinED Advantage goes far beyond our ability to manufacture functional, easy-to-use, customized, and where necessary, ADA compliant products. No matter how big or small your needs are, you are important to us. At AvinED, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve.