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Height will depend on number of useable AV rack units ordered


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12RU = 29 3/4″ high with M10 Casters, add 1 3/4″ for each additional rack unit for overall height with casters.


TOP: Flat with a 2″ cable grommet (other cut outs available upon request)


Front & rear fixed AV rack rail 20″ deep rail to rail


Front 270 degree full wrap around solid single locking door


Locking removable rear access panel


Base locking exposed M10 Casters or M10 Levelers


Bottom 9″x 10″ hole for air and wire access


Rear 3″ cable grommet hole


1″ Front wire access / air intake gap at bottom of front door.


3 1/2 Cabinet cooling fan cut out with cover grommet in rear (Fan not included)


Rear air vent.


AvinED is a local manufacturer of customizable furniture for a variety of uses in the classroom and the workplace. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture custom furniture for our customers. Among our best products is our "ARC" AV Rack Cabinet, which is the perfect solution for today’s high-tech classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. Each of these spaces will often require a comprehensive AV setup, whether it’s for presenting during a class or lecture, or hosting a conference call or video meeting. Unfortunately, complicated AV setups require space, and that space can often be hard to come by. Additionally, storing large metal racks out in the open doesn’t always look so nice in these settings. 


The AvinED “ARC” AV Rack Cabinet offers a compact and portable solution for all of your AV technology needs. These cabinets are wheeled for easy storage and mobility, letting you wheel them in and out of the room as needed. If you’d like to keep them stationary, you can do that too, as they are beautifully and durably constructed with options for many different finishes to match the style of your classroom or boardroom. You’ll never have to sacrifice style or function with our furniture, as it always offers you the best of both worlds. 


As a local manufacturer based in the United States, we have the capabilities to customize your rack cabinet for your specific needs and requirements. With a variety of custom designs and finishes, you’ll be able to find the perfect AV rack cabinet for all of your AV storage needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design the right AV rack cabinet for you.

  • Sample Model Sizes

    12RU = 29 3/4" high with M10 Casters, add 1 3/4" for each additional rack unit for overall height with casters.

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