Multimedia AV Rack Desk | ADA Compliant with Rack Rail

  • Desk Top – Flat – equipment cut outs – upon request
  • Two Sets of Front and Rear mounted 15RU rack rail (or) adjustable shelves
  • Right (or) Left side of knee space with a Keyboard pullout at knee space (opposite side of equipment) or Pencil Drawer
  • Wire chase in the rear of the knee space
  • Double locking 270 degree full wrap around doors over rack cabinet
  • A locking removable rear access panel
  • Base levelers (casters not available on MPD77 model)
  • 3 ½” Fan cut out with cover grommet in side (fan not included) – upon request
  • (2) Top 2” wire grommets
  • Side 3” wire grommets.

AvinED prides itself on its ability to manufacture a wide variety of customizable furniture to suit any classroom need. This Multimedia AV Desk is specifically designed for Multimedia. Its large cabinets and ample storage space can securely hold all of your Rack Mount AV equipment, making it easy to use it as both a workstation where you can comfortably work at your computer, and an AV station that can be used to present video and audio materials to the class.

The Multimedia AV Rack Desk, as with most AvinED furniture, is ADA compliant, making it a safe and accessible piece of furniture for any classroom or lecture hall. Built with the finest and sturdiest materials and available with a variety of smooth finishes, the Multimedia AV Rack Desk is a durable and stylish piece of technical furniture that would look good in any classroom.

AvinED’s greatest strength is in its customization abilities. With a range of different options for finishes, shelves, racks, storage, and materials, you’ll be able to design this desk to fit your exact specifications. The desktop measures in at 77” x 30”, easily allowing you to keep your AV Equipment there while giving you plenty of space to use it as a full workstation. If you need even more space, the optional flip up side shelves give you even more room to work with. We offer many options for finishes to ensure you get the look you want. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for function with AvinED’s furniture, as we offer you the best of both worlds.

Our Multimedia Rack Desk is designed to be located in the center of the room, offering a sit-down work surface for the collaboration between the student and the teacher. All of our podiums, lecterns and desks feature heavy duty construction, have a wide array of options and finishes to compliment your classroom, and are manufactured locally here in the United States. Get in touch with us to find the perfect, customized Multimedia Classroom Desk for your classroom.

Optional Features

  • Flip up side shelves
  • Cab. Cool fan cut outs upon request (fans not included)
  • INTERIOR: Rack Rail (OR) Adjustable Shelves

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