Uses of Customized AV Lecterns, Speaker Podiums, & Podium Desks

Uses of Customized AV Lecterns & Speaker Podiums

Brian Wagner / October 18, 2021

Each classroom and office space are different and built for various needs. However, one piece of furniture that is essential for each of these spaces is a customized lectern, podium, or a podium desk combination. These pieces are also quite common in churches and auditoriums, meaning no matter what your business or university does, you will likely need one of these lecterns or speaker podiums.

One of the main reasons these pieces of furniture are so popular has to do with the level of customization that adjustable options include. Some of the options include adjustable width and height for sitting and standing, as well as default ADA compliance. However, regardless of your industry, our design team of AvinED can help you customize the perfect lectern, speaker podium, or AV podium desk to fit your individual needs and applications.

Applications of Customized Lecterns

Traditional podiums, which are also called pulpits and lecterns, are the most common piece of furniture found in spaces where public speaking is common. This includes not only business applications such as conference rooms, but also places of worship, and college or university classrooms.

Many contemporary speaker podiums are oftentimes built with technical applications in mind, far beyond simply the need for a place for someone to stand and speak. They are available with bulti-in technology integrations for each business, church, or university’s needs with your specific technology needs in mind. These integrations can include built-in tablet or iPad holders, AV equipment, and any audio input or output devices you need.

Our design team has a history of producing long-lasting, effective, and efficient podiums for a variety of industries across the country. Our team is also based in the USA, meaning we are here to answer your questions around your schedule and help your business, church, library, or classroom be outfitted with the proper technology essential for your everyday functions.

Applications of Podium Desks

Meet the demands of any smart office or classroom with a podium desk designed to be efficient and are ADA compliant for any application. Our podium desks are adjustable to fit multiple counter height requirements, but also can accommodate any audio-visual equipment you need.

Our design team at AvinED can work with you directly to help find the solution that best suits your needs and application. The team can also help you configure all the wiring and connections and ensure they will work properly when you receive and set up your furniture piece.

Our standard and custom model podium desks are the perfect solutions for every application and can be ordered in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Standard Model:

The standard model is specifically created and designed for any application that needs the versatility of a desk and a height of a podium for their space. Product specs include:

  • Width: 70 ¼”
  • Height: 46 ½’
  • Depth: 31”


Custom Model:

Our custom model can be designed to reach any podium or desk width and some units can even be designed with fitted casters to create a mobile unit. The desk and podium can also hold technology solutions while keeping all wires out of sight, making them not only functional, but stylish. Product specs include:

  • Width: can be fully customized
  • Height: 46 ½”
  • Depth: 31”

Choosing Your Technical Furniture:

Selecting the best piece of technical furniture for your business or application often depends on multiple variables. Some of these include intended use, environment, and specifications in terms of size or AV compatibility.

The highly skilled design team at AvinED will work with you to help select the perfect piece of furniture to meet your exact requirements and exceed your overall expectations. Not to mention, all of AvinED’s technical furniture is ADA compliant, making it accessible to any users in the classroom or office environment. Contact our team today to discuss our AV lecterns, podiums, and podium desks to take the next step towards efficiency in your workspace or classroom.

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