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    Need a Solution for Your Technology?

    How to integrate all your technology into your presentation furniture without buying new furniture every few years?

  • Technical Furniture

    AvinED Has The Solution!

    AvinED proudly creates multimedia presentation lecterns and podiums that are the ultimate in "Furniture for Technology" design. View Products.

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    The Next Generation of Sit & Stand Desks

    AvinED introduces the next level of custom adjustable sit and stand desks for your office or school. Check Out Our New Adjustable Desks.

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Manufacturer of Lecterns, Podiums
& Technical Furniture Solutions

“Manufacturing quality furniture that is both design-flexible and functional for today and tomorrow's technology”

As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to work with each of our customers individually to provide the precise solution that will enhance their ability to succeed in their chosen profession.  Whether a teacher, professor, educator, instructor, trainer or presenter, each of which has their own challenges in delivering first-rate content to their audience, the right technical furniture will boost their productivity  with a defined sense of purpose.


Lecterns and Podiums

Lecterns and Podiums

Our lecterns and podiums offer an attractive and functional addition to any classroom or boardroom.

Lecterns and Podiums

Teacher & Instructor Desks

Our Teacher Desks support the demands and requirements of the instructor and all ADA requirements.

Podium Desk

Podium Desks

Our Instructor Presentation Podium Desk Combinations are designed to accommodate today's technology.

Multimedia Carts

Multimedia Carts on Wheels

Tired of risking damage to your expensive technology? Our multimedia carts on wheels solve your problems.

AV Equipment Rack

AV Equipment Rack Systems

Tired of risking damage to your expensive technology? Our AV equipment rack systems solve your problems.

Technical Furniture Idea Center

Idea Center

Customize your podium or furniture using our idea center.

lectern Podium Specials

Technology Furniture Specials

Check out our demo and clearance items for great values.

Sit and Stand Desks

Sit and Stand Desks

Learn about the next generation of sit and stand desks from AvinED.

Offering a full range of products including desks, multi-media carts, AV equipment racks, and of course, podiums and lecterns, each of these can be designed to be combined with each other and can either be mobile or static. From stock, semi-custom or fully-customized products, our focus is on the needs of each end-user.  For example, if you have an idea about a custom podium or any other technical furniture, we can design it and build it for you in such a way that will meet your every need.  In short, we can build what doesn’t exist today in order to make your life easier.

With a specialty in customizing podiums and lecterns that are specifically designed to hold ALL the multimedia technology wiring and equipment needed, we deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

ADA Compliance?

No problem!

All of our desk units are automatically compliant and if specified, all other technical furniture including podiums and lecterns can be designed for compliance. Whether you are an AV Consultant, AV Dealer or Reseller, Architect or Interior Designer, find out how easy it is to meet your client needs.  Or if you work at a University, School District, Government facility, Military installation or even a Corporate entity, our solutions team has guidance and answers for you. At AvinED, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve.  Call us today and find out how purchasing technical furniture and delivering first-rate content to the audience just got easier!

For more information about our lecterns, podiums and technical furniture solutions call 724-274-5470 or click here to contact us online