Adjustable Sit Stand ADA Compliant Desks

The Next Generation of "True" Sit and Stand Desks

The concept of adjustable sit & stand desks offer many benefits to users and business owners. By allowing a user to adjust the height of their desk, they may sit or stand to do their work more comfortably. The popularity of these adjustable desks have gained in popularity and studies have shown that it improves productivity and worker satisfaction.

The problem is that most of the sit stand desk converters when placed on top of a standard desk are too high to work with in the seated position. Many units don’t provide a large enough work surface, and computer cables and wires are exposed.

AvinED has solved this problem with the next generation in sit stand desks by creating a line of desks that combine functionality with a look that fits your classroom or office décor. Our sit stand desks feature a unique height adjustable surface that is flat, providing more desktop space to the user and can be lowered to create a traditional office desk. The unit can be customized and comes in a variety of sizes and options. Now you can have a complete all-in-one solution and the advantage of sitting or standing during a lesson.

Custom Educational Furniture For ADA Compliant Classrooms

AvinED Technical Furnishings offers a variety of custom educational furniture and ADA compliant technical furniture to help improve your workspace. Adjustable sit stand desks are most commonly implemented within the classroom, but can also help improve performance in any setting where a work desk is utilized, including general offices and within the sales industry. These adjustable desks have also been embraced by artists, producers, and illustrators.

Incorporating height-adjustable sit-stand desks can reduce risks often associated with extended periods of sitting, including cardiovascular problems, obesity, muscle pain, and general lethargy. At the same time, sit stand desks have been reported to optimize cognition, memory, focus, and energy levels, not only improving overall health and wellness, but work performance as well. Explore our full selection of adjustable sit stand desks and find the customizable unit to improve your workstation today.

Adjustable Sit Stand ADA Compliant Desks

The AvinED® Advantage

The AvinED Advantage goes far beyond our ability to manufacture functional, easy-to-use, customized, and where necessary, ADA compliant products. No matter how big or small your needs are, you are important to us. At AvinED, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve.