AV Rack Cabinet | Model# ARC

AvinED’s "ARC" AV Rack Cabinet is the perfect solution for today’s high-tech classrooms, meeting and conference rooms that have a need to store AV equipment and technology but lack the space and don’t want a large metal rack in plain sight. Theses cabinets are constructed for durability but finished like furniture so they fit classrooms and boardrooms with style and elegance.  Being the manufacturer, We can customized your rack cabinet to meet your requirements and offer a wide range of finished for a custom look.

AV Rack Cabinet Interior

Tall rack cabinet interior



23 5/8" Wide
28 7/8" Deep

Height will depend on number od useable AV rack units ordered.

Sample: 12RU = 29 3/4" high with M10 Casters, add 1 3/4" for each additional rack unit for overall height with casters.


MEL = Thermally Fused Melamine Laminate
LAM = Plastic Laminate
WVC = Wood Veneer Clear
WVCS = Color Stained Wood Veneer


TOP: Flat with a 2" cable grommet (other cut outs available upon request)

Front & rear fixed AV rack rail 20" deep rail to rail

Front 270 degree full wrap around solid single locking door

Locking removable rear access panel

Base locking exposed M10 Casters or M10 Levelers

Bottom 9"x 10" hole for air and wire access

Rear 3" cable grommet hole

1" Front wire access / air intake gap at bottom of front door.

3 1/2 Cabinet cooling fan cut out with cover grommet in rear (Fan not included)

Rear air vent.


This unit may be customized to meet your needs. Please just ask & we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

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AvinED understands the constraints that can be placed on schools and offices by the rapidly increasing amount of expensive, delicate technology and audio visual equipment. We recognize that you have to safely and securely store your equipment in often very limited space.

To help solve this challenge for our customers, we have used our experience to design stylish, durable, and functional AV rack cabinets for today’s businesses, colleges and universities, who often have equipment to store, but never enough space.

For more information about AvinED's AV Rack Cabinets call 724-274-5470 Ex 235 or click to contact us.