Lecterns and Podiums Supporting Today’s Professionals Instructors and Trainers for Enhancing the Delivery of First-Rate Content!

With a specialty in customizing podiums, AvinED proudly creates multimedia presentation lecterns and podiums that have become the definitive technical furniture solution today.  Our durable multimedia furniture offers an attractive, but more importantly, a highly functional addition to any classroom, training room, meeting room or corporate boardroom.

Lectern & Podium Models

Instructor AV Podium
Model# AMF26
Presenter's Podium/Lectern 25" Wide
Model# PL25
Podium AMF 26

Podium PL25

Classroom Podium/Lectern 32" Wide
Model# PL3228
Presenter's Podium/Lectern 36" Wide
Model# PL3628
Classroom Podium 32" Podium 36" Wide


Presenter's Podium/Lectern 48" Wide
Model# PL4828
Instructor Teaching Podium
Model# ITP3728
48" Podium

Teacher Podium

Collaborative Home Base Mini
Model# CHBM
Custom Speaker Lectern
Model# CSL
Collaborative Home Base Mini Custom Speaker Podium
Church Cantor’s Lectern
Model# CCL
Custom Speaker Lectern Podium
Model# CSLE26
Church Lectern Custom Speaker Lectern

Because we are a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to work with each of our customers individually to provide the precise solution that will enhance your ability to succeed.  Experience The AvinED Advantage.  Whether it’s a stock unit, semi custom or fully custom podium, our focus is on the needs of each end-user.  Our “standard” is so much more than that. We rise above and beyond the everyday standards of craftsmanship to create exceptional technology furniture and woodwork designs.
Whether you are an AV Consultant, AV Dealer or Reseller, Architect or Interior Designer, find out how easy it is to meet your client needs.  Or if you work at a University, School District, Government facility, Military installation or even a Corporate entity, our solutions team has guidance and answers for you.

We utilize only the very best materials and the finest hand-craftsmanship to ensure all of our customers are completely satisfied.  Browse our wide selection of lecterns and podiums below and see how we can integrate your technology needs into one complete unit that will last for years to come.

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