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Best Uses for AV Equipment Furniture & Multimedia Carts

Brian Wagner / July 8, 2021

For many businesses, colleges, and universities, the struggle comes not from incorporating audiovisual equipment into their work, but from storing it. For those lacking storage space for their AV equipment, AvinED designs and manufactures functional, durable, and stylish AV equipment furniture. Our AV equipment racks and credenzas can be customized to meet the needs of our customers; our rolling equipment racks can be ordered with adjustable shelving or interior rack rails in any of our available finishes. AvinED also produces customizable multimedia carts, a mobile and versatile piece of AV equipment furniture perfect for TV monitor carts, mobile point-of-sale (POS) stations, mobile copier stations, and perhaps most commonly, mobile AV teacher podiums.

The Benefits of AV Equipment Furniture

Like any technological system, AV equipment is comprised of various electronic components that require power. An unavoidable side effect of this is that most, if not all AV equipment -- just like a laptop or any other electronic device -- produces some kind of heat. Therefore, it requires proper ventilation for reliable performance, something not all furniture provides.

This is where AvinED’s AV equipment furniture comes in handy. Sure, there are plenty of AV racks and types of multimedia furniture available in a variety of sizes, but what if you require (or would simply prefer) a customized unit? When a traditional metal rack cabinet won’t do, AvinED can provide the custom AV equipment rack or credenza for your secure AV equipment storage.

Because appearance can often be as important as function, each of AvinED’s units is built to furniture quality standards for our customers and can be ordered in any wood or laminate finish to match your environment. Our purpose-built AV furniture and credenzas offer proper ventilation, accessibility to components, and efficient wire management solutions.

The Benefits of Multimedia Carts in the Classroom

When budget cuts are imminent or student enrollment swells, schools may experience a sudden shortage of space that results in traveling, or “floating,” teachers. Often identified by their use of multimedia carts, floating teachers find themselves on the move, divvying up their time between different classrooms, or occasionally, even different schools and districts.

For those requiring frequent mobile multimedia storage in the classroom or office, AvinED offers custom multimedia carts. These versatile mobile media carts eliminate the struggle of transporting expensive and fragile equipment from point A to point B, greatly reducing the risk of damage to your investments. Fit with smooth-rolling wheels or casters, our multimedia furniture is designed to properly store laptops, iPads or tablets, AV equipment, and all of the chargers or accessories that come with them.

In particular, our MMC model is an excellent mobile media cart that doubles as a podium for teachers or speakers. It is great for those looking to implement technology in the classroom, offering the safety and lock security required for AV components and computer equipment.

Customized AV Rack Cabinets & Rolling AV Carts for the Classroom or Office

To solve the challenge created by limited storage space, AvinED designs and manufactures efficient and functional technical furniture, including rolling equipment racks and credenzas for businesses, schools, and universities. If you’re looking for safe and secure storage for your AV equipment, AvinED has a customizable solution for you. Read more about our AV equipment furniture and expertly crafted multimedia carts to learn how AvinED’s superior standards and highly functional designs can make the sharing of resources easier for you and your colleagues.

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