Stocking Full Offices & Classrooms with Large Orders of Instructor Desks

Stocking Full Offices & Classrooms with Large Orders of Instructor Desks & More

Brian Wagner / December 9, 2021

Whether you’re working in a classroom or an office setting, you deserve a piece of technical furniture that can boost your efficiency and help you deliver first-rate work to those around you. As a technical furniture manufacturer, AvinED is capable of customizing and building a variety of features into our ADA compliant instructor and classroom desks based on your environment and functionality required. We understand that instructor desks are more than just a piece of office or classroom furniture; rather, they are tools that can be of genuine use and help you excel within your workplace. All of AvinED’s technical furniture is manufactured in the U.S. and our team has the expertise and flexibility to create custom furniture solutions for each of our customers, regardless of profession.

Applications of Multimedia Instructor Desks

Our multimedia instructor desks are specifically designed to accommodate all AV equipment needs, allowing you to achieve whatever is necessary from a technology standpoint in your classroom or office. By utilizing a desk that doubles as a CPU tower, computer space, or AV equipment rack, you can save room you might need for other technical furniture in your workspace. These desks can also be designed for collaborative environments, whether you’re dealing with students or co-workers. Perhaps most importantly, all of our desk units automatically meet ADA compliance requirements, making them accessible to all and allowing you to concentrate on what matters most - your work.

Types of Office & Classroom Desks

As its name implies, our Multimedia Classroom Desk is designed for the classroom and can securely store all technology and AV equipment in a single durable and stylish piece of technical furniture. Our MPD-CTM Multimedia Classroom Desks are designed to be located in the center of the room, offering a sit-down work station for collaborations between students and teachers. Also available are AvinED’s Custom Multimedia Desks, which feature not only quality construction and functional design but retain the option to be customized to fit any special requirements.

Our Height Adjustable Desk features an electric motor that can raise and lower the desktop to meet your needs, making it the perfect desk for classroom ADA requirements. These desks can also be ordered in conjunction with one of our podiums to create a combination podium desk unit or workstation. Similarly, AvinED’s Custom Teacher Desk can be ordered as a stand alone desk or be combined with our podiums to give teachers a perfect classroom combination.

Purchase Large Orders of Classroom Desks from AvinED Technical Furnishings

As a professional, you have plenty to focus on without having to worry about the quality or function of the technical furniture in your workplace. With a variety of styles and features offered, AvinED’s multimedia desks will enhance the way you interact within the classroom or office. Our instructor desks not only meet all ADA requirements, but support the teacher or instructor and are capable of incorporating most if not all of the AV technology in your workspace. Contact our expert staff today to discuss the best multimedia desk for your classroom or office.

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